Dill Weed is Waist-High by the 4th of July

In one month’s time the dill that re-seeded itself in the garden has grown a foot and a half or more. It’s almost waist-high!

That reminds me of the old saying we have for the fast growth of corn as in, “It’s knee-high by the fourth of July!”

Corn stalks will be shorter or taller than depending on the amount of rain received and of course the crop planting time. Knee-high is around 18 inches for someone 5’8″ tall, so that’s about a foot and a half tall corn stalk.

For an adult waist-high is in the range of 30 to 40 inches, so that’s about three feet tall. Take note of the yardstick in the photo below taken 1 July 2014.

Flowering dillweed plants 2-3 feet tall on July 1st.
Flowering dillweed plants 2-3 feet tall on July 1st.

Dill weed plants in our garden are 2-3 feet tall and they’re starting to flower. They’ll soon be growing their seeds, so it won’t be long that we can use them to make dill pickles.

Garlic Favorite Herb from the Garden

This is one full head of garlic beside another...
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We never had any garlic in the garden until last year. The year before last we were given some bulbs from a friend. He didn’t know what kind they were, but being Italian and a great chef, we took his word that it was some great garlic. He has since remarked that we’ll be mad at him this year because we’ll have garlic all over the garden. He’s not too far off the truth, either!

We planted in about 6 garlic bulbs in the Summer of 2008. Those bulbs matured and we harvested a few. The others were let go over the winter. In the late summer their seed heads fell over and planted many new garlic sets.

The garlic sprouts were thinned out and grew last summer and left to grow and overwinter. Now they’re growing again, and noticeably so! (Photo taken 29Mar2010.)

Garlic plants in the garden, two years old.
Garlic plants in the garden, two years old.

I’m looking forward to harvesting that garlic in the weeks ahead!

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