Feeding 10 Billion People Impossible with Current Ag

Sustainable farming initiatives must change the world of agriculture. It’s projected that a whopping 10 Billion people will crowd the Earth by the year 2050.

We really need new ways of producing enough food while protecting the precious resources required to grow the food.

ag equipment harvesting a field
Follow the Food

Fast forward a couple of decades and we’re going to be in trouble if new ways of growing food and protecting resources aren’t adopted.

Traditional farming methods waste too much water.

Pesticides and herbicides are sprayed everywhere polluting the air, soil and water.

Anyone interested in agriculture needs to watch this BBC short film, Forget clean eating, clean farming is the future.

Champion anyone growing their own food, too, for they are part of the solution!

Garlics and Onions Spoiled by the Allium Leafminer

It’s rotten to have to give a bad update. When you take time to dig the soil, amend it, select the plants and plunk them in the ground, you hope it all works out and that you get to eventually taste something yummy. It’s bad news for the garlic we so carefully planted way back in the fall and the young onions, too.

Onions Not Growing Tall, Look Deformed
Onions Not Growing Tall, Look Deformed

Shouldn’t these young onions be standing a little taller? Their leaves are looking deformed. (Photo taken May 23, 2017. Click on any photo to see a larger image.)

Mother nature had something else in mind when on the winds came a little yellow-headed fly. That critter laid her eggs on the onions, garlic and leeks. When they hatched the “worms” ate their way down to near the bulbs. Being full enough of onion or garlic leaves they transformed themselves into pupae and that’s what we found. Little brown grains of rice – actually they’re smaller than grains of rice but easy to see against the white Allium fruits.

Harvested garlic and leeks (elephant garlic) show the presence of Allium leafminer pupae. (Harvest photos taken June 14, 2017.)

Garlic Showing Deformed Leaves
Garlic Showing Deformed Leaves

Deformed leaves of garlic weren’t obvious in their early growth.

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