15 Bean Soup Totally Nutritious

Well, my bean pot is empty and I have a couple containers of bean soup in the freezer for some future dinner.

Nutritionally speaking, this 15 bean soup can be described as a low fat, no cholesterol, hi potassium, hi fiber and hi protein food. Each serving of 1/2 cup cooked beans (~ 35 g dry) has 120 calories with only 5 calories due to fat.

Per 1/2 cup serving:

120 calories
5 calories from fat

total fat 0.5 g
cholesterol 0 g

sodium 70 mg
potassium 470mg

total carbs 20g
dietary fiber 9 g
sugars 1 g

protein 8 g

calcium 4%
iron 10%
vit A 0%
vit C 0%

The 15 bean soup is a great dish for anyone wanting to watch their weight because it’s a low calorie food. This soup will help to increase fiber intake and it’s very filling. The low saturated fat intake is good for your heart, too!

What Beans Are In 15 Bean Soup?

The colorful beans in my 15 Bean Soup with Chilis were 15 of the following varieties:

  • northern
  • pinto
  • large lima
  • blackeye
  • garbanzo
  • baby lima
  • green split pea
  • kidney
  • cranberry bean
  • small white
  • pink bean
  • small red
  • yellow split pea
  • lentil
  • navy
  • white kidney
  • black bean

The cranberry bean, pink bean, small red bean and small white bean were new to me. The others I recognize as vegetable dishes unto themselves or as ingredients in dishes like chili and other soups.

Check out the different varieties of 15 bean soups at Hambeens. By adding the herbs and spices that you like, you can make this soup your own! The chili peppers and chives in my version was probably like their Chili or Cajun varieties.