15 Bean Soup Totally Nutritious

Well, my bean pot is empty and I have a couple containers of bean soup in the freezer for some future dinner.

Nutritionally speaking, this 15 bean soup can be described as a low fat, no cholesterol, hi potassium, hi fiber and hi protein food. Each serving of 1/2 cup cooked beans (~ 35 g dry) has 120 calories with only 5 calories due to fat.

Per 1/2 cup serving:

120 calories
5 calories from fat

total fat 0.5 g
cholesterol 0 g

sodium 70 mg
potassium 470mg

total carbs 20g
dietary fiber 9 g
sugars 1 g

protein 8 g

calcium 4%
iron 10%
vit A 0%
vit C 0%

The 15 bean soup is a great dish for anyone wanting to watch their weight because it’s a low calorie food. This soup will help to increase fiber intake and it’s very filling. The low saturated fat intake is good for your heart, too!