Time to Plant the Winter Lettuce

Gardening in September usually means a lot of harvesting going on and not much in the way of planting. The growing season is winding down now, but lettuce — being one of the cold crops — can be planted now for future enjoyment.

Lettuce can surprisingly make it through Winter, but it must obviously be protected from freezing conditions.

We like to use a sheet or other large piece of cloth material, like a curtain, to cover lettuce over the cold period. We call this overwintering lettuce the easy way.

Winter lettuce has become a thing to look forward to when the icy grip of winter starts to let go of the landscape. In March the baby lettuce that was sown in September will start growing again on warm sunny days.

By April you can be eating fresh salads while the grocery store offerings are still very expensive and puny.

We have plenty of time to plant some lettuce now. Broadcast a mixture of seeds for the best results!