Strawberry Freezer Jam is Inexpensive to Make

Q: Just how much does it cost to make strawberry freezer jam?

A: Less than it would cost buying jelly from the grocery store.

And you can’t get this best strawberry jam at any store!

Ingredients and supplies needed to make each batch of freezer jam – which makes about 5 containers per batch – includes:

  • 1 quart of strawberries ($3.50 to $4.50 per quart)
  • 5-6 snack-sized containers or containers in the 1-2 cup size ($2.19 – $3.19)
  • 4 c. sugar ($1.10) (8 cups of sugar in a 4 pound bag, sugar $2.19/4 pound bag)
  • one box (1.75 oz.) SureJell powdered fruit pectin ($3.39)

That’s a total cost of $12.18 per batch ($4.50 + $3.19 + $1.10 + $3.39 = $12.18) or $2.44 per container for each of five containers. The cost will be reduced to $1.80 for each batch when you can reuse containers instead of buying new ones.

For a better deal, get the multi-pack of pectin – Sure-Jell Premium Fruit Pectin (Pack of 8) to reduce your cost to $1.57 per container and make sure you always have pectin on hand!

Curiosity peaked? Learn how to make strawberry freezer jam. It’s easy and delicious!