Seed Envelopes Seed Packet Template

Seed Envelopes

Store bought envelopes work fine for saving seeds. Letter-sized envelopes are ok, just kind of big for the job. All you have to do is cut them in half or thirds and tape up one side and maybe fold down the top if using the kind of envelope with a triangular sealing flap.

We use sturdy, brown kraft envelopes called No. 1 Coin envelopes. Any of the office supply chains could supply these little, 2.25 x 3.5 inch, envelopes. They have a gummed seal that keeps even very small seeds inside.

Print Your Own Seed Packets

Instead of buying a box of 500 envelopes, why not make your own? Designing your own printable seed packets is a great project to involve children in the harvesting of the garden and flower beds.

  • Download the Seed Envelope Template. It’s a PDF file.
  • Print the page and cut on the solid black lines to separate three envelopes.
  • Fold the bottom up and fold the sides over the bottom flap.
  • Glue the sides closed and let dry. Leave no gaps where seeds could fall out.
  • Record the type of seeds and the date collected.
  • Add seeds and glue the top shut.

Now you have a personalized way to keep seeds from year to year. Print fancy seed packets using colored paper or scrapbook paper and give away as gifts.

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